Contract development of force sensor devices

We will respond to the development of force sensor devices according to customer requirements.
We will consult with you regarding the number of detection points and shapes.
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NISSHA フォースセンサー

Overview of NISSHA force sensor

Structure:After printing the pressure-sensitive ink layer on the upper part and two electrode layers on the lower part, the two films are laminated.

How it works:It reads the change in the contact resistance between the upper and lower parts according to when the sensor is pressed and senses the strength of the pressure.
This technology is based on our achievements that we have cultivated in resistive touch sensors, and we have developed pressure-sensitive inks (materials whose contact resistance changes greatly with pressure) and optimized the production process. A high performance and highly durable original sensor has been completed.


NISSHA force sensor



Automotive products


Inductrial equipment


Infrastructure management


Inventory control


Medical an healthcare


-The product shape can be customized by the production process utilizing the printing process.
-Thin film device: The thickness of the sensor alone is 200μm or less.
-Pressure detection from about 50g possible.
-No special force sensor control IC is required.

Inquiries about film devices

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations on film devices, including consultation on development, trial production, mass production consignment, etc.