Foundry service for High-quality film devices

Nissha manufactures patterned electrodes and functional layers on thin films which are comprised in various film type devices. We provide consistent support for our customers from prototype development to mass production.

Roll to Roll mass production process

Mass production capability with Roll to Roll film process up to 500mm width is our strength. We can handle flexible films up to 500mm width with various patterning proccesses and module fabrication.


Device development

We support development and prototyping from material selection to circuit design as well as module configuration.


Key Features

  • Plastic substrate;
    PET , COP , PC ,PI etc. (50 – 250 µm thickness)

  • Metals and oxides;
    For etching process: Copper, ITO, Copper alloys, etc.
    For screen printing: Ag paste, carbon paste, etc.
    We also make a pattern on silver nanowire conductive layer.

  • Minimum Line/Space;
    Photoetching process: Line/Space=10um/10um (Capable of double sided patterning)
    Screen printing process: Line/Space=50µm/50µm

  • Size;
    Web width : 500mm

Example of development

Transparent modules

ITO pattern + Cu traces
Double sided patterning
Multi layers stacking

Examples of end user applications

Antennas, Heaters, Touch sensors, EMI shields,
Displays, LED lights, PV electrodes
Microfluidics and Microtiter plate

Functional metal patterns

Examples of end user applications

Strain gauge, TFT, Chemical sensors, etc

Large modules

We can design circuits and component layers at any position within 500mm x 500mm area based on our customers’ request.

Examples of end user applications

Sensor array of force/strain sensors, temperature sensors
Traces matrix, etc

Resistive sensors

Examples of end user applications

Force sensors, Touch sensors, etc


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