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The Appearance of a Product in a Comfortable Space

In spaces where people spend a large portion of their day, simplicity and comfort have become increasingly important.
Products such as home appliances are now preferred with a seamless and stylish “information noise-free” design.
Nissha, which has provided designs and functions that cater to people’s lifestyles, how will we respond to this demand?

Being in the Moment
in a Sophisticated Space

In recent decades, high-end hotels and similar establishments tend to “hide” technology in order to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere, such as by not placing televisions in guest rooms.
This allows guests to enjoy being enveloped by high-quality furnishings and focus on the beauty of the gardens and their surroundings.
This approach prioritizes user experience and aims to create a space that provides a sense of mental relaxation.

Achieving Seamless UI/UX Designs
with “mutech décor”

To meet the demand for sophisticated products, we combined our proprietary IMD (Injection Molding Decoration) technology with light translucent design (Dead Front) to create a “HiddenDisplay™,” which realizes UI/UX by light translucency.
When the screen is off, the display’s presence disappears, creating a high-quality surface by eliminating the boundary between the display and the frame.
When the display is turned on, necessary information can be displayed with high resolution by transparently transmitting it through the molded product.

Fill the Space Seamlessly
with Comfortable Materials

In 2019, Nissha launched the concept of “Closer to lifestyle” looking towards the future. We continue to develop products that can provide beautiful and comfortable experiential value in spaces that cater to people’s lifestyles.

Creating New Concepts from the Relationship Between People and Information

We communicated with designers from a range of markets and created products that focus on living spaces. Nissha Wall tile is a UI/UX prototype for home controls that demonstrates a seamless design and experiential value by eliminating physical switches and LCD screens, resulting in a noise-free experience.

The Value Proposition of “mutech décor”
in the Home Appliance Industry

A HiddenDisplay™ Prototype
Designed for Smart Home Panels

・A surface that displays LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) information through transparent transmission, with touch sensors implemented on the back.
・Seamless and beautiful design achieved through IMD molding without visible joints.
・High-quality surface design that harmonizes with comfortable spaces while allowing for information display.

  • <Light off
  • Light on>

A Case Study of Hidden Til Lit Installation
for Security Panels

In upcoming products, touch-operated light translucent displays are becoming recognized as a smart UI solution that reduces visual noise, rather than relying on physical buttons for operation.

Design Variations for Harmonious Spatial Integration

In order to create a comfortable and noiseless space, it is necessary to harmonize the relationship between people and information by hiding technology, while applying sophisticated textures to surfaces. Nissha can beautifully and effectively depict a diverse range of designs such as metal, fabric, and wood grain using printing technology, resulting in high-quality surface finishes.