mutech décor

Integrated Surfaces
Create a Seamless and Comfortable Space

“mutech décor,” incorporates functionality into decorative molded products, creating a seamless and comfortable space.
The functionality is intended for information display related to convenience and comfort, as well as touch input for operating/selections.
By harmonizing these functions with the interior design according to the concept of “mutech,” it creates a sense of quiet calmness.

High-quality User Interface

“The current user interface (UI) has two major roles: displaying fixed information that does not change, like a power switch, and displaying information that changes depending on the situation.
A high-quality UI is considered to be one that combines both roles in a balanced manner to achieve comfortable information display.
In recent years, even home appliance companies have been reducing the number of physical buttons and integrating some operations into LCD panels to accommodate increasingly multifunctional products.
Products that control IoT devices, like smart speakers, have received high ratings not only for their UI, but also for their design based on user experience (UX) gained through product use.”

Our Products

mutech décor


We have achieved clear information display on LCD (liquid crystal display) by combining high-quality surface design with a transparent interface (UI).
In the cockpit of mobility interiors, we consider the display area as divided into two areas: “safety and security” and “convenience and comfort.”
The former is represented by a HUD (head-up display), while the latter is incorporated into the interior design as HiddenDisplay™, creating a more simple and comfortable space.
Additional features such as touch sensors and haptic feedback can also be implemented.

mutech décor

HiddenIcon™ / Hidden Til Lit

By supporting the fixed display of icons with LED backlight and replacing physical buttons with seamless touch operations, the cockpit is transformed into a noiseless space. While maintaining the high-quality surface design, it is possible to display the LED’s transparent colors clearly through Nissha’s unique molding and decoration technology, achieving precise alignment of the formation and transparent display with high visibility.

mutech décor


Transmitting and displaying light is not limited to just screens and icons.
By expressing various design patterns through LED transmission colors and blinking, it is possible to appeal to the user’s sensitivity.
These can range from beautiful illuminations to light alarms that serve as warning signals.
Both are output expressions that are linked to the surrounding environment and can be hidden within the surface designs of decorative molded products when not needed.