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Accurately grasping user needs

When companies or manufacturers talk about lifestyles with value, it has now become quite normal to describe “simple, stylish living spaces” as specific visions. Instead of spaces overflowing with lots of things, more and more users prefer contemporary, smart spaces where only what is necessary is around. Many of you are no doubt sensing this as well.

As noted in the previous article, end user needs for products are shifting towards more stylish and seamless designs. In particular, home electronics and smaller items are increasingly being made with UI/UX designs that show information using translucent displays, using LCDs or LED icons embedded in simple surfaces that are white, black, or silver, and can be touched directly.

To respond to this need, Nissha has used our unique technologies to come up with the Hidden Til Lit* light translucent design, combining IMD (In-mold Decoration) and light translucence (Dead Front).

Seamless expressions using Hidden Til Lit are already used in a number of products in North America and Europe, and are valuable elements in creating refined living spaces.
Even in the Japanese market, which is more conservative than overseas, there is an increasingly apparent need for this. The standard for UI in future product design is being seen as using touch operations on light translucent displays rather than physical buttons.

*Hidden Til Lit
Using Nissha’s unique light translucent designs, this technology can create in a single part an expression that unifies design and function by letting light through it. It is perfect for “dead front” usage, where characters and icons are hidden when the display is off, but become visible when the user operates the device.

Collection of samples focused on function

What sort of designs are possible with Hidden Til Lit?
How will images be displayed? How will the icons look when illuminated?

To answer these questions, we have put together IMD BASIC | Hidden Til Lit, a sample book focused on function, that will allow you to actually see how Hidden Til Lit appears.

  • <Light off
  • Light on>

The samples include Silver and Hairline, which have particularly high needs, and the standards of Black and White. As the book focuses on how the light shines through, how the LEDs or LCDs appear, and so on, it has been designed to be used as a yardstick for organizing technical requirements.

Black / Printing Silver / Hairline / Matte White / Gloss White

The book contains simple individual sample specifications, but more detailed internal verification data is also stored.
We can respond to your requirements, so if you are interested, please get in touch with us using the Inquiries form.

Nissha sample book, rooted in industry needs

The Design & CMF Group prepare sample books that cover CMF designs based on annual analyses of trends.
These fuse comments from customers with our Group’s unique perspective to create designs that express the changing times. We have a particularly notable track record in the mobility and home electronics industries, and have a wide lineup of design proposals.

Our sample book, which has been refined over and over again to create new design value, is highly regarded by designers around the world.

Nissha will continue to propose designs that harmonize with ever-evolving technologies and their needs, understanding the unchanging need of our users for comfort.