Realizing Comfort and Beauty

We will be continuously providing sensibility and functionality values by adding various elements on “Surfaces,” the point where people and technology interact.

Concept Movie


Realizing a Beautiful and Comfortable Surface through CMF Design

We are capable of producing products with diverse design expressions, incorporating elements such as natural forms and metallic textures. Our specialized CMF design team creates artwork and product designs, which are then accurately reproduced through high-definition gravure printing, achieving even the finest surface details and textures. This significantly enhances the emotional value of the Surface, improving its overall aesthetic appeal.

CMF : Color, Material and Finish

Molding and Functionality

Precise Molding Techniques and Various Functional Enhancements

The significant feature of Nissha SurfaceWorks lies not only in the design expressions achieved through printing techniques but also in our high-precision molding techniques that create rich and varied shapes. Furthermore, we can propose products with added functionality. Our products, combining excellent aesthetics with features like sensor capabilities and transparent displays, contribute to creating pleasant experiences for end users in diverse scenes worldwide.

Our Products

Global Supply Chain

Worldwide Locations

We have molding facilities located worldwide with Nissha group companies, enabling us to provide products tailored to our customers’ supply chains.