Armed conflict and political unrest, environmental change and freakish weather—today's global issues cast a critically long shadow over our daily lives. Those who can spot reliable information in the clutter are beginning to question the current lifestyle, follow their sense of values and happiness, and take action in the right direction toward the future.

Glocalism / Fulfilling Life / Retreat / #Active Creator


The age of the zettabyte has created a new culture of rural life combining high-speed Internet with real-life social interaction in a contemporary village of sorts.
Happiness doesn’t necessarily come from success, but is more readily nurtured in communities with tolerance and freedom of choice.
Valuing a rewarding private life over career advancement, youths select employers that put the people first and don’t pressure them with transfers.
—the concept of “think globally, act locally”—is taking root among consumers as a long-term commitment to tackling environmental destruction and social issues.

Naturalistic Surface / Popping Terrazzo / Patchwork Wood

CMF Keywords: Locally Production for Local Consumption / Ethical / Rural Life / Digital Nomad / Reliability / Ecology / Recycled Materials / Regional and Tradition / Handicraft / Sustainable / Universal / Realistic Expectation / Public Benefit

Naturalistic Surface

Popping Terrazzo

Patchwork Wood

Fulfilling Life

Innovations in regenerative medicine and epidemiology are ushering in an era in which we live to the age of 100.
A longer life means more possibilities and life stages, and with this comes the wish to stay healthy and productive after retirement.
Those who cherish intangible values like skills, knowledge, and friendship are keen to take action and lead a fulfilling life.
This long-term thinking extends to leisure activities and the selection of time-consuming hobbies.
By testing their endurance, people are seeking free control not only of their outward appearance but also of their inner spirit.

Material Insert / Dainty Flora / Influential Metal

CMF Keywords: Long-term Viewpoints / Regenerative Medicine / Bio-technology / be strict / Simplicity / Essential Aesthetics / Harmony / Balance / To ascertain the essences / Longevity Society / Self-Respect / Peaceful / Rationalism / a thirst for Discovery / Patience

Material Insert

Dainty Flora

Influential Metal


The burden of a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle is prompting the search for a means to bridge the gap between emotional and physical health.
Wellness tourism is predicted to grow further with its promises of spiritual refreshment.
Consumer preferences are leaning toward service design, non-material design, the experience of luxury that cleanses the mind of mundane routine.
Those who cherish the sense of touch and material, spiritual stimulation nonexistent in the digital world are exploring the next new retreat.

Pristine Leather / Lustrous Gradation

CMF Keywords: Body and Soul / Digital Detox / To relax / The Unusual Experience / Emotional Connection / Emotional Design / Experienced Design / Wellness Tourism

Pristine Leather

Lustrous Gradation

#Active Creator

Self-expression and creativity are requisite skills for all ages and lines of work, and the secret to moving society.
Budding professional creatives hold the key to boosting business, design, and the economy.
With growing interest in the sense of immersion offered by co-creators and technology, the likes of VR, AR, and AI have transformed from an experience into a permanent tool of daily life.
Advances in technology are increasing the chances of collaboration between humans and robots, and in future, of changes in work structure.

Soft Tactile Switch / Mutant Cocoon / Textured Iridescence

CMF Keywords: Communication Network / Anyone can broadcast the message / Self-Expression / VR / AI / AR / Art and Technology / Experience-based Entertainment / Module House / Memphis / Collaborative Robot (Cobbot)

Soft Tactile Switch

Mutant Cocoon

Textured Iridescence

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