These are sample books we have prepared based on themes created through analyses of trends and using Nissha's cutting-edge technologies.

About Sample Books

"CMF DESIGN BOOK" is created according to the theme of Nissha Trend Vision without targeting a specific market.
"WOOD" is focused on wood grain designs that bring harmony to the interior space of mobility.
"TECH" is composed of metallic and geometric designs targeting an advanced and cool atmosphere for mobility.
"SENSE" proposes designs for mobility based on trend research across the board to meet the needs of the times.

Each year we produce sample books that inspire our customers.

Latest Books


Choice and Responsibility

Dramatic shifts in the world’s common sense necessitate reconsidering fundamentals like lifestyle and economic activity for the future.
Our new sample book series, SENSE, explores these societal shifts and adds our own unique interpretations.
SENSE features new designs created from extensive trend research and successful past projects with a wide variety of designs.
Shaped by the constantly changing trends all around us, SENSE proposes designs with new value that acknowledge today’s shifting reality and look ahead to the future.

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Precarious Earth

On the heels of last year’s efforts to pursue caring “circularity” was global confusion created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the unrest of escalating environmental issues and mounting mistrust of politics, this makes the Earth a precarious planet. COVID-19 has defied convention and persuaded us to rethink our lifestyles. Some are adapting the skills of primitive tribes to modern life. Companies are engaging with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the betterment of society. And youths are immersing themselves in virtual worlds and seeking an escape from stress. “Precarious Earth” is a nod to the shift toward accepting others’ freedom to dream of a bright future, and the move to grope in the dark and shape the new normal to come.

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New Normal - Secured Cocoon

With the spread of COVID-19, there have been changes in perceptions of value for mobility in people’s lives.
Mobility has changed from being seen as a luxury good to something more familiar, its safety and convenience being reexamined.
As something to ensure a comfortable, private space and to help with things like transporting items, its value in terms of roles other than being something for people to get around in has been increasing.
With WOOD14, we can draw out themes from things like greatly changed lifestyles or awareness of the environment, proposing a direction that gives color to familiar, personal spaces.

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