New Normal - Secured Cocoon

With the spread of COVID-19, there have been changes in perceptions of value for mobility in people’s lives.
Mobility has changed from being seen as a luxury good to something more familiar, its safety and convenience being reexamined.
As something to ensure a comfortable, private space and to help with things like transporting items, its value in terms of roles other than being something for people to get around in has been increasing.
With WOOD14, we can draw out themes from things like greatly changed lifestyles or awareness of the environment, proposing a direction that gives color to familiar, personal spaces.

Sensible Society / Borderless Sanctuary / Phygital Escape

Sensible Society

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. With people rethinking how they live or produce, we are star ting to search for ways to use precious assets which were previously overlooked as resources that could be recycled. “Sensible Society” is a theme that proposes warm, comfortable, minimalist décor that can be used for many years, seeking ways to raise the decorative value of sustainable materials with an eye towards recycling resources.

Tinged Balsa / Khamsin / Jultomte Beech / Urban Inlay

Target Customer: Generation Y
Social Background: Eco System / Circular Economy / Minimalistic / Essential
CMF Keywords: Natural Stylish / Warm and Light / Combination

Tinged Balsa


Jultomte Beech

Urban Inlay

Borderless Sanctuary

We can now lead lifestyles without being tied to a single place, thanks to the evolution of technology. People are starting to incorporate long-desired natural environments or raw, primitive things into their lives, leaving behind the clamor of the big city and the sense of isolation that the pandemic accelerated. “Borderless Sanctuary” is a theme that expresses the inner sanctuary that these people yearn for in a design that is both natural and luxurious.

Haute Acacia / Pangaea / Mono Burl / Spalted

Target Customer: Generation Y-X
Social Background: Worcation / Sanctuary / Returning Earth / Third Place
CMF Keywords: Natural Luxury / Craftmanship / Gradation

Haute Acacia


Mono Burl


Phygital Escape

The blurring of the boundaries between the physical and the digital, the real and the vir tual, is one way in which technological progress can be felt in our daily lives. People stressed by real society can be freed from that, finding places to express themselves in virtual worlds, so-called “third places.” “Phygital Escape” is a theme that expresses this sense of comfor t combined with technological sophistication through its merging of natural wood grain and technology.

Fused Pine / Ryuboku / Oak Veil / Jultomte Beech-Lit

Target Customer: Generation Z-Y
Social Background: Third Place / Space Development / ASMR / Virtual Space
CMF Keywords: Nature x Technology / New Tactile / Backlighting

Fused Pine


Oak Veil

Jultomte Beech-Lit

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