Rapid heating within 1 minute from -30° to 50°

NISSHA transparent film heater

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Transparent heater that completes defrosting immediately after pressing the ignition button

LED of the headlights, the spread of automatic operation system, digitization of the door mirror
now the car achieve a rapid evolution, Dysfunction due to snow is becoming a major issue..

In order to solve this problem, NISSHA is developing a transparent film heater suitable for automotive applications.
Excellent rapid heating capability, capable of heating up to 50° within one minute in an environment of -30°.
Provides excellent defrosting and anti-fog performance for electronic mirrors, cameras, LiDAR and infrared sensors.

Transparent film heater with high transparency and excellent radio wave transmission.
Remove snow frost immediately after starting the engine.

Low resistance and fine wiring


The amount of heat (P) of the heater is inversely proportional to the resistance (R) under a constant voltage power supply.
Therefore, if the conductive material used for the heater has a resistance as low as possible, the heating capacity will be higher.

General transparent heater

Transparent conductive film heater

A heater that uses a film of laminated transparent conductive films such as ITO as a heating element.

Advantages: Transparent sheet material, no problem of wiring appearance.
Disadvantages: It takes a long time to heat up because of high resistance.
      Although it can handle gently curved surfaces
      , cracks will occur in the transparent conductive film when formed into a three-dimensional shape.

Heating wire heater

A heater that uses a metal wire such as copper as a heating wire and patterns it on a film.

 Advantages: The temperature rises relatively quickly due to low resistance.
 Disadvantage: Generally, the heating wire heater has a thick wire, so the wiring can be seen.

Transparent heater developed by NISSHA

Nissha’s film heater, which uses a unique patterning technology to form a special heating wire pattern, has the following features:

Immediate heating + high transparency
 Low resistance and invisible wiring
 realizes a heater with rapid heating and high transparency.

radio wave transparent
 By controlling the shape of the wiring pattern,
 it is possible to secure not only visibility but also radio wave transparency.

Three-dimensional shapes
 Film can be formed into a three-dimensional shape without worrying about cracks

Feature comparison with various transparent heaters (our test data)

Heating rate transparency Radio wave transmission 3D shape support
NISSHA film heater high speed Good
no discoloration, no visible wiring
Possible *1 Possible
ITO heater Low speed Some blackness Impossible Impossible
crack generation
Metal wire heater mid-speed Wiring looks Possible *1 Possible
Metal mesh heater mid-speed Good
discoloration, no visible wiring
Possible *1 Possible

*1: Radio wave permeability depends on pattern design.

Defrosting experiment

-Defrosting is completed in about 40 seconds, and visibility is completely cleared after 1 minute
-The temperature distribution has little variation and the temperature can be raised evenly

* Data for developed products. It does not guarantee the performance of the actual product.

We will examine the design according to your needs, such as heater shape and heating characteristics.
For development consultation, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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Ideal for de-frosting and anti-fog on vehicle equipment


-Safe driving support: Windshield, door mirrors, headlights anti- fog
-Improvement of automatic driving technology: infrared sensor, radar, LiDAR parts cover, emblem defrosting

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