Creating experience value

As technology keeps evolving, mobility's required role is about to greatly change. Since people's activities have been limited by the impact of the pandemic, the value of mobility as a third place has been redefined, and new experience value has been required. In order to respond to diversifying values, we prepared designs that incorporate "aesthetics, comfort, natural attraction, and innovation".

Artisanal Mix / Caring Activation / Meaningful Possessions / Micro & Bio Creation

Artisanal Mix

The world’s trends and behavior are easily spread through SNS, so new services and products influenced by different cultures are created. There is a tendency to place importance on experiences rather than materialistic things, and the movement to incorporate the charms of arts and crafts into one’s daily life through one’s unique aesthetic sense is spreading. A theme which expresses borderless collaboration which exceeds the boundaries of countries, regions, cultures and generations.

Abstract Strata / Advanced HL / Orderly Feather

Target Customer: Generation X
Social Background: Combination of different cultures / Unique aesthetic sense / Fusion
CMF Keywords: Landscape painting / Craftsmanship / Luxurious sporty

Abstract Strata

Advanced HL

Orderly Feather

Caring Activation

Remote work is advancing, and the changes in migration patterns, such as the tendency to move away from cities, has an effect on all areas of life. The value placed on “reassurance” is growing stronger. The interior of a vehicle is said to be “the third space”. It is thought to be a place which serves multiple functions as an expanded living space. A theme which expresses a warm texture and organic patterns based on the keyword of “pleasantness”.

Crafted Aran / Organic Fusion / Metal Ore

Target Customer: Generation Y
Social Background: Political instability / Ethical / Countryside and big city
CMF Keywords: Texture / Fusion of geometry and organic / Technological effects

Crafted Aran

Organic Fusion

Metal Ore

Meaningful Possessions

There is an increasing tendency, centered on young people, for the need to only leave fewer and better things behind. They are good at using Internet services and reducing time, and place value on creating blank spaces in order to absorb new experiences. A theme which is influenced by the degrowth movement, and expresses structural beauty with a re-evaluation of material detail.

Tech-Lace / Craft Geo / Chain Mesh

Target Customer: Generation Z
Social Background: Minimized / Shortening time / Polite living
CMF Keywords: Constructed Tech / Material emphasis / Textural element


Craft Geo

Chain Mesh

Micro & Bio Creation

Time spent online by all generations is lengthening, and subscription consumption is accelerating. Through VR/AR and haptic technology, the border between the virtual and real worlds is disappearing, and the fusion of digital and nature is advancing. A theme which expresses organic change as if technology and people are in a dialog, in order to solve the needs of users who further diversify mobility.

Morph Tessellation / Silent Black / Drape Line

Target Customer: Generation Z
Social Background: Biology / Personalization service / Eliminate waste
CMF Keywords: Depth / Deep black / Fluent stroke

Morph Tessellation

Silent Black

Drape Line