Cosmetic Microneedle Contract Manufacturing Services(OEM, ODM)


  • Offer cutting-edge cosmetic products
  • Develop new formulations on your request
  • Certificated manufacturer
  • Mass production facilities
  • Made in Japan
  • ★ We are a dedicated and reliable partner
  • We will respond flexibly to your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Our Product Features

Nissha's unique specifications

Needle shape
(Patent No.JP6023752)

  • Safety and compliance with regulations
  • The needles do not bend easily, but penetrate deep into the skin.

Needles protected by a plate
(Patent No.JP5931155)

  • Advanced hygiene: minimal physical and chemical changes to the delicate needles and beauty ingredients until use.
Enlarged image of microneedle patch
Image of using microneedle patches Microneedle Patch Package

Offering ideal products as OEM/ODM

We can customize the main ingredients, patch shape, needle shape or density, and so on to suit your needs.
We especially have a lot of experience in adding types of functional ingredients and changing patch shapes.
MOQ: 12,000bags(24,000patches)~

Total Support,
from Formulation development to Manufacturing

Entrusting Nissha with the development and manufacture of microneedle patches for cosmetics.

and Quality Control

Manufacturing microneedles requires advanced technology

Manufactured using Nissha's patented core high-precision molding technology.(Patent No.JP6023752)
Nissha can create any fine needle shape you require, and provide uniform quality even during mass production.
We can achieve high-concentration doses through a high-density design of over 400 needles per square cm, as well as non-heating processing that maintains the effectiveness of beauty ingredients.

Production work scenery
Manufacturing management and quality control certificate

Manufacturing control and quality control based on cosmetics GMP

Using an advanced quality control system that leverages our experiences in the pharmaceutical and medical devices business, we have created a clean manufacturing environment that allows us to mass-produce high-quality products.
We obtained ISO 22716, the international standard for cosmetics manufacturing control and quality control, in 2020, and regularly undergo third-party checks by a certification body.

About our Factory

Thorough hygiene and quality control in Japan

Microneedle patches for cosmetics are manufactured at Nissha's Kyoto Factory under sophisticated hygiene systems.
Nissha's Kyoto Factory has obtained ISO 22716,
the international standard for cosmetics manufacturing control and quality control.
We can provide "Made in Japan" products with confidence.

Exterior of Kyoto Factory

NISSHAAbout Nissha

Nissha Co., Ltd. is a forward-thinking global company whose mission is to realize the enrichment of people's lives.

Based around six core technologies (printing, coating, laminating, molding, patterning and metal processing), our businesses cover a range of fields, from IT devices, automotive, and home appliances to medical technologies
(medical devices and pharmaceuticals/quasi-drugs),
and cosmetics.

Nissha is a member of the cosmetics industry groups
Japan Cosmetic Industry Association.

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Please feel free to contact us
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of microneedle patches for cosmetics.