Features of
Nissha Microneedle Patch

QAre there any differences or strengths
in comparison with other similar microneedle patches?


Our unique needle shape gently delivers the ingredients to the deepest part of the stratum corneum.
In addition, the unique package protects the needle without breaking or bending it before use.

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Specifications & Ingredients

QI don't know much about ingredients or raw materials, but can I commercialize it?


We can propose a formulation that matches the concept after hearing the customer's request in detail.
Please feel free to contact us.

QI have some raw material that I want to use. Can I?


We will be able to let you know after confirming the amount that can be mixed, as it depends on the raw materials.
You can also bring in your own raw materials. (Please prepare detailed information on these raw materials, such as SDS, Specifications, etc.)

QIs it possible to customize the shape and size of the patch and needle?


We can create any shape you desire.
Please contact us for details as separate costs for making molds and so on will be required.


QI want to create a prototype. Would it be possible?


We offer prototype support for a charge. It can usually be delivered about one month from the request for trial production.
It is also possible to conclude NDAs, development contracts, etc. if necessary.
Please contact us for details.

QIs it possible to carry out tests for stability, safety, and efficacy evaluation?


Quality is confirmed by conducting accelerated stability tests in our company.
Safety and efficacy evaluation tests can also be conducted according to the customer's request, for additional charges.

QHow long does the development period take?


It usually takes about one month to review the formulation, and up to six months to perform an accelerated test to check the stability of the product.
Please contact us for details, as it depends on the difficulty of the development theme.

Mass Production

QWhat is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?


12,000 bags (2 patches per bag; 24,000 patches total) using the standard shape of the microneedle patch for the eyes. But we can respond flexibly to your situation, so please feel free to contact us.

QHow long is the delivery time?


As a guideline, three months after receiving the order once the formulation and specifications are confirmed.

QIn what form will it be delivered?


Packaged in an aluminum pouch, due its extreme sensitivity to moisture.
In addition, if the customer wishes, we can also handle presentation boxes, stickers, etc.


QIs there a process that applies high heat and denatures the ingredients?


No process applies high heat. Beauty ingredients sensitive to heat can be blended with confidence.


Please feel free to contact us
about the development or manufacture
of microneedle patches for cosmetics.