Dissolving Cosmetic Microneedle OEM WorkflowContract Manufacturing Services

Steps from development
to delivery

This section provides information about the steps from initial inquiries to the provision of contract services.
Please note that the steps shown here are only an example, and may change depending on the details of your request or the circumstances of our company.

1. Discussions

After receiving your an inquiry, we will discuss the concepts, images, quantity, budget, delivery date, etc. of the product you want.


2. Formulation development

Formulation development is broadly divided into four stages.

  • 1.Preliminary study

    Setting standards target, test examination, checking information for cosmetic ingredients, patent search, test method search

  • 2. Examination of initial formulation

    Prototype production, analysis, and evaluation

  • 3. Full-scale prototyping study

    A small amount is made full-scale to study mass production capabilities

  • 4. Stability check

    Stability specimen production, stability testing

3. Decision on formulation

The formulation is decided once the development steps are completed.

4. Examination / Determination
of standards

We will discuss product specifications such as patch shape, packaging, and quantity with you, and determine the provisional specifications.
In addition, we will conclude the basic contract and other matters for contract manufacturing.

5. Estimate, purchase order

6. Manufacture

We will manufacture the product according to the manufacturing instructions created from the specifications.
We carry out successive inspections during the manufacturing process and of the final products to ensure our quality meets your requirements.

Manufacturing work

7. Shipping

After the product is given a pre-shipment inspection at the factory and shipment is approved by the distributor, the final product will be shipped to the destination you designate.

Our system is based on
ISO 22716 cosmetic GMP

At our Kyoto Factory, all processes, from selecting suppliers and receiving raw materials and materials, to manufacturing and shipping, are compliant with the Cosmetic GMP.
In August 2020, we obtained the internationally- recognized ISO 22716 certification, thoroughly controlling manufacturing and quality.

Business Licenses

  • Cosmetics Manufacturing License (License No. 26CZ200065)
  • Quasi-Drag Manufacturing License (License No. 26DZ200024)

ISO Certification

  • ISO 22716

Nissha is the OEM/ODM company for microneedle patches for cosmetics.
We provide total support, from development to manufacturing.

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