Dissolving Microneedle Patches
for Cosmetics
Quality Control

Dissolving Microneedle Patches
for Cosmetics

Manufacturing Process

Dissolving microneedle patches for cosmetics are manufactured using high-precision molding technology.

1. Raw materials preparation

  • ① Weighing

    The cosmetic ingredients are weighed.

  • ② Mixing

    The ingredients are mixed together by machine.

2. Molding

  • Filling


    The mold tray is filled with mixed ingredients.

  • Drying


    The tray is dried and gelled in an environment that will not damage the cosmetic ingredients.

  • Laminated


    The adhesive sheet is laminated to the dried gel.

  • Die-cutting


    The patch is punched out to the specific shape desired.

This video provides an overview of the molding process.

3. Packing and shipping

  • ① Packin

    The patches are packed into blister cases or aluminum pouches.

  • ② Packaging and storage

    The patches can then be packaged into presentation boxes if you desire, and stored in our warehouse.

  • ③ Shipping

    The product is shipped from our factory warehouse.

4. Product delivery

Dissolving Microneedle Patches
for Cosmetics

Sample Specifications

Application examples

Anti-wrinkle for eyes or smile lines / Spot care / Acne treatment / Etc.


Sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, water, etc.

Additional functional ingredients

As specified by customer

Patch shape

For eyes / For spot care/ Etc.

Needle shape

Truncated cone with a flat tip*1

Needle length

140 μm*1

Needle density

400 needles/cm2 *1

Needle protection plate


Packaging types

Blister case / Aluminum pouch / Presentation box

  • *1) Basic specification recommended for efficacy and safety.
  • *2) The fine dissolving needles are carefully protected by a plate until just before use.

We can customize the specifications,
so please let us know your wishes
using the Contact Us form below.

Quality Control System

All processes, including supplier selection, receiving raw materials and materials, manufacturing,
and shipping products are compliant with Cosmetics GMP.

Raw materials/other materials acceptance test
Acceptance tests for cosmetic raw materials and other materials.
Process control
Checks of manufacturing process and standard control range.
Product inspection
Property confirmation inspection, contents measurement, microbial test, etc.
Document issue
Issue test reports.

We also calibrate our equipment and devices.

Cosmetics GMP organization chart Cosmetics GMP organization chart

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