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What is "Microneedle"?

Our dissolving microneedle patches work to deliver the active ingredients directly into the skin. This is done by dissolving a large number of fine needles (microneedles) formed by drying and solidifying the active ingredients. It creates a DDS* using the latest technology, and is attracting attention from the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
The dosage format that Nissha has developed to use this DDS for skincare cosmetics is the dissolving microneedle patch for cosmetics. The specific content of the dosage format and the mechanism until it exerts its efficacy as a cosmetic product are as follows.

*Drug Delivery System

Image of using microneedle patch
Microneedle patch

Dosage format

Biosoluble polymers and active ingredients, which form the beauty ingredients, are mixed together, molded into fine needle shapes with a constant length of about 100 µm and of the appropriate needle density, and then processed into patches.

Enlarged image of microneedle patch
Needle shape of microneedle patch


When applied to the skin, the dissolving microneedles pierce the skin barrier, gradually dissolving inside the skin and allowing the beauty ingredients to penetrate directly into the stratum corneum.
Compared to simply applying it to the skin, this method offers much greater efficacy. In addition, customizing the beauty ingredients can change the desired efficacy.

How microneedles dissolve

  • Microneedle melting image 1
  • Microneedle melting image 2
  • Microneedle melting image 3
  • Microneedle melting image 4

Efficacy evaluation
of Nissha's basic formulation
Improvements to crow's feet

  • Before

    Before using the microneedle patch Before
  • After

    After using the microneedle patch After

Period of use: Twice weekly for 4 weeks
(Conducted and evaluated by a third-party evaluation agency in March 2017)

Our strong points


We offer safety design "Softip"

In order to comply with the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) while increasing the penetration effect of beauty ingredients into the skin, we use a needle form which does not go past the stratum corneum while maintaining the penetration of the active beauty ingredients (Patent No.JP6023752).
Nissha's needle tips are flat and shaped like truncated cones, we named this design "Softip".
This also means that they have none of the sharp pain of injections. The specifications ensure the comfort and mild stimulus unique to Nissha microneedles.

Nissha’s needle tips are flat and shaped like truncated cones Nissha’s needle tips are flat and shaped like truncated cones

"Softip" is a combination name of "Soft" and "Tip".
Softip is a registered trademark or a
trademark of Nissha Co., LTD..


Strong needles provide reliable transdermal delivery

As the needle tips are flat and shaped like tough truncated cones, they do not break when pushed into the skin, ensuring that the beauty ingredients are reliably delivered and exert its efficacy.

Needle shape comparison before and after pressurization

(Patch cross-section)

Nissha's type (Softip)
Thin, pointed needles
Nissha's type


NNissha's type
Nissha's type Before Nissha's type Before
Nissha's type After Nissha's type After
  • Result: The needle does not break
  • The tip can be pushed deep into the skin
  • Performance is always constant
Thin, pointed needles

Test sample

Thin, pointed needles

Made by Nissha

Thin, pointed needles before Thin, pointed needles before
Thin, pointed needles after Thin, pointed needles after
  • Result: The tip bends
  • The tip does not reach deep into the skin
  • Performance varies

Push pressure:
7 N Applied from the needle tip


Packaging that allows advanced hygiene management and usability

We use packaging based on unique specifications that physically protects each individual microneedle until just before use. This keeps quality stable by preventing the beauty ingredients denaturing due to oxidation or damage to the needles due to accidental physical contact.
In addition, our microneedle patches are also intuitively easy to understand when it comes to applying them.

* Patented packaging.(Patent No.JP5931155)

Patches just before use
Microneedle patch cross section image

Needle protection plate
Each needle is carefully protected by a protection plate.

How to remove the package
Protection plate
Image of using microneedle patch

How to use

and Quality Control

Manufacturing microneedles
requires advanced technology

Manufactured using Nissha's patented core high-precision molding technology.
Nissha can create any fine needle shape you require, and provide uniform quality even during mass production.
We can achieve high-concentration doses through a high-density design of over 400 needles per square cm, as well as non-heating processing that maintains the effectiveness of beauty ingredients.

Production work scenery
Manufacturing management and quality control certificate

Manufacturing control and quality control based on cosmetics GMP

Using an advanced quality control system that leverages our experiences in the pharmaceutical and medical devices business, we have created a clean manufacturing environment that allows us to mass-produce high-quality products.
We obtained ISO 22716, the international standard for cosmetics manufacturing control and quality control, in 2020, and regularly undergo third-party checks by a certification body.

Total Support,
from Formulation development to Manufacturing

Entrusting Nissha with the development and manufacture of microneedle patches for cosmetics.

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of microneedle patches for cosmetics.