Bringing inspired designs with crisp and clear displays to life



Combining displays and seamless designs

Recently, we have seen numerous examples of embedded graphics LCD displays being incorporated into user interface (UI).  In the past, physical switches, buttons and LED displays were commonly used. Improving on past displays, LCD displays enable seamless interaction and improved user experience and have become expected by customers.
We have continued to refine our display technology in recent years with the commitment to provide a crisp and clear UI experience.

Left: Previous HiddenDisplay™ Right: New HiddenDisplay™ with a clear display representation

Our new HiddenDisplay creates an appealing surface

We have worked to further refine our Hidden-til-lit design, and achieved a new “HiddenDisplay” surface offering both an appealing design and a clear display with improved transparency. Focusing on the optical properties in our printing technology, we have made it possible to recreate display colors accurately and authentically within this surface.  This improved technology allows the display to be completely hidden to the user while the unit is off and then appear clearly and crisply when the unit is powered on.

  • <Light off
  • Light on>

Combining this new Nissha Hidden-til-lit technology with the wide variety of design possibilities–which are distinct to Nissha’s gravure printing– enables us to provide the end user with a new product experience. It also successfully creates “mutech,” a general term for values that control information overload caused by technology and create comfortable spaces.

Experience Clear, Seamless Samples

In order to demonstrate the unique characteristics of Nissha’s Hidden-til-lit technology, we have prepared four types of wood grain samples that have the potential to blend beautifully into your customer’s lifestyle.
If you are interested in acquiring these samples, please feel free to contact us.