Our trend analysis process (part one)



Considering unknown future users

Our clients include many designers at global overseas-based corporations, and we deal with a wide range of markets, from mobility, IT devices and home appliances to stationery and cosmetics. As designers, our clients ask a range of questions in order to create something new and carry out design research to find hints of future trends.

In order to offer our clients optimal CMF designs, we also conduct trend research to understand the new behaviors and values of people, which change greatly thanks to the progress of technology and social situations, from the same perspective as these designers, and to draw on the insights further gained in the designs we ourselves propose.

The knowledge we obtain through our research and analysis, based on the unique perspective of being an in-house design team, is compiled into a report, the Nissha Trend Vision, which is distributed both within the company and externally once a year.

While most of the general trend research is directed towards market environments outside the company, Nissha Trend Vision also takes into account Nissha’s own policies, such as business strategies, development and sustainability visions, based on our core technologies.

These initiatives make it possible to clearly see the relationships between market movements that will happen soon and Nissha’s policies, and help increase the accuracy of our sample books like CMF Design Book and our individual design proposals.

A trend report aimed at the future Nissha sees.
We form hypotheses based on our own unique perspectives regarding our findings or signs through researching movements in a range of fields that include design, architecture, art, and technology around the world, dig deep into these, and make them visible as the future of two or three years hence.