Every single thing we make or do is beautiful and comfortable.
Spreading CMF design with value from Kyoto to the world.


We are a design department that was created to understand the creative requirements of our customers and respond to them. Since our beginning, we continuously analyze the essence of the design concepts and products of our wide variety of customers – from IT devices, home appliances and mobility to cosmetics, and suggest the optimal design to maximize the experience value of product users.
We are constantly analyzing market trends in the process of creating design proposals, crafting comfortable lifestyles for users of these products. We continue to create designs in line with our thought process of designing the beautiful and comfortable CMF demanded for lifestyle spaces.

CMF=Color Material Finish




We share ideas with our clients through mood boards and samples. At times, we are asked to recreate the gentleness of a small sample of cloth. In this case, we observe the cloth sample from a range of angles, and simultaneously strive to grasp the end users from the perspectives of our client. Then we consider how to express this using our printing and molding technologies.
Recent products seem to be looking at the issue of how they should deal with people as technology progresses. Within this trend, we continue to pursue the ideal relationship between design and function in order to continue to propose products that fit their users.

We also have an aspect of a marketing department.
In order to continue to propose designs that fulfill customers’ requests, it is important to combine both a micro perspective that focuses on details and a macro perspective that captures future needs by analyzing the present.
We have a diverse design process, working cross-functionally with various departments both domestically and internationally, and showing our creativity in a wide variety of areas.

What We Do

Analysis/Trend Reports

We analyze the latest trends to ensure we can always tackle new challenges. This shows some initiatives and processes for different projects and design prototyping.


Design Proposals

To ensure the optimal CMF for products, we create design proposals that use our printing and molding technologies, and all our other sensing technologies that provide comfortable UI/UX.


Creating Sample Books

We have an archive of sample books prepared using Nissha’s cutting-edge technologies and based on themes created through analyses of trends.。


Target Market


The automotive world is facing a transformation caused by the introduction of advanced technologies. Here, we provide UI/UX that offers peace of mind and comfort, and develop and propose technologies to create comfortable interior spaces.

Our in-mold decoration technology

Home appliances/IT

From the home appliances vital in our daily lives to the latest in digital devices, we provide beautiful surface designs that suit lifestyles for a wide range of products, working to improve their functionality and to fuse design with technologies to reduce their size.

Nissha’s IME


We do not only provide designs that match our customers’ brand concepts, but have also started proposing package designs by using molded products made with pulp or bio-composites as a way to reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable materials


Nissha’s design department members come from a range of backgrounds which allows us to respond to the diverse design requirements of our customers. In addition to graphic design, we also offer CMF proposals in typography, oil painting, craft, and even engineering, thanks to the wide range of people that make up our team. We have recently welcomed product and web designers as we work to expand our design fields even further by broadening our range of expertise.