Nissha’s ecosense molding is a packaging solution that offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Pulp Series is made primarily from pulp, which gives it a paper-like texture, while Biocomposite Series uses bio-based materials like wood chip and bamboo with bio-based biodegradable polymer to achieve a texture and functionality like conventional plastic. Nissha provides customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs, from design to mass production, on a global scale.

Pulp Series

A product group made from pulp material as an alternative to plastic. Nissha’s diverse range of pulp solutions address all of our customers’ sustainable material needs.

About Pulp Series

Biocomposite Series

Molded products made from plant-based resin with the same texture and functionality as traditional plastics, using Nissha’s cultivated molding and material technology.

About Biocomposite Series