About the work of Design&CMF



Design team that proposes “beauty and comfort”

The CMF Design Group got our start in 2005 within Nissha’s International Business Division as the team that provided design communication with clients. At the time, we offered a range of designs for Nokia mobile phones. Through working with Nokia, we learned about the term “CMF,” and we started to focus our attention to this as well. Even as our main market later shifted away from mobile phones to laptop computers, the importance of CMF in design grew, and we started working under the name “CMF Design Group.” Today, we provide proposals for CMF for a range of markets, including mobility interiors and cosmetics containers.

Our work covers three main fields, and by creating a synergistic effect, we create our own unique values, helping build client trust.

・ Trend research and analysis
・ Design proposals for clients
・ Sample book production and promotional planning

We collect trends from a range of fields, including design, architecture, art, and technology around the world, and publish our analysis as “Nissha Trend Vision” once a year. This is used as a key indicator in planning Nissha’s promotional samples.

What is “Nissha Trend Vision”?
It is the report we prepare each year that looks ahead two or three years into the future.

Unlike independent design firms, we are an in-house design department. The goal of the design proposals we offer clients is final mass production, so we continue working with our customers, alongside the sales reps, until the actual parts are finally completed. We consider our mission to be maximizing our technologies to ensure customer satisfaction. This is why we will revise artwork over and over again, in a process of trial and error, for projects that need it.

Sample book

Our sample books are prepared each year for our customers, and are based on Nissha Trend Vision.

We print two volumes each year. The CMF Design Team members carry out prototyping using Nissha’s cutting-edge technologies, and compile this into a single volume. At the trial phase, we hold review meetings across multiple departments within the company to discuss issues as a way to improve what we offer. Topics considered include whether we are following the theme, whether we are taking advantage of the latest technologies, and whether the product will end up being both beautiful and comfortable.Through these discussions, we refine the content to ensure its utmost quality.

The completed books are made accessible to our customers via our sales representatives. We will also use workshops where we directly visit clients to hold discussions with their designers as well. We provide a platform for fostering deeper understanding and empathy, as well as stimulating each other’s creativity, through conversations with our customers.