We provide proposals that utilize Nissha's printing and molding technologies, and all our sensing technologies that provide comfortable UI/UX.


Nissha’s unique decorating technologies of IMD and IML films have been influencing mobility interiors for more than thirty years. We draw on our aesthetic sense for wood grain, metal finishes and geometric designs, as well as our advanced printing technologies, to offer CMF appropriate for interior spaces. Our designs have found homes in a range of different infotainment areas and door trim parts.
UI/UX innovation has become a pressing issue for this industry, and there is a strong demand to be connected even in mobility interiors. Nissha can integrate design elements with electronic functions such as touch sensors, antennae, transparent heaters, and light-transmissive displays using printed electronics and IME (in-mold electronics) technologies to provide interior components that are both pleasantly decorative and functional, keeping pace with the changing times.


Geometric Design – Sample Book ‘TECH 9’
Wood Grain Design – Sample Book ‘WOOD 14’
Versatile Design – Sample Book ‘SENSE 1’
Dead Front Design “mutech” for Mobility


Navigation window panel, Instrumental panel, Console panel, Brand logo emblem, Caution Labels, Touch sensor for user interface, Lighting application, Grill treatment

Consumer Electronics

Nissha’s core technologies of IMD, IML, and heat transfer allow us to provide a wide range of CMF based on accurately positioning three-dimensional forms, surface decoration, and ease of hard coating, while at the same time, allowing the high volume and quality stability required of home appliances.
In addition to offering a range of patterns, colors, and gradations for the external appearance of home appliances, we also support texture effects with high sensory values, such as soft feels and quality matte textures, the luxury feeling given by metallic and mirror finishes, and advanced UI/UX through hidden pattern designs. We are maximizing the experience value of our customers’ products through the power of CMF.


Dead Front Design “mutech” for Life Products


Smartphone, AR/VR device, Wearable device, Audio products, Smart speaker, Thermostat, Home controller device, E-cigarette, Washer, Refrigerator, Robotics cleaner, Kitchen electronics


Nissha’s Heat Transfer Film provides the most sophisticated, proven and scalable technology for cosmetic casing and packaging decoration.
Our shiny vacuum metallizing finish, beautiful printing gradation and pattern effects, gloss, matte and soft touch tactile feeling differentiate products and empower customer brands in the marketplace.
In addition to supplying Heat Transfer Films, Nissha also supports turn-key solutions – providing heat transfer equipment and its installation support and operation training.


Cosmetics casing / packaging, Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Compacts & Palettes, Bottle & Jar products

Sustainable Materials

To create a sustainable society, at Nissha, we provide products and services using environmentally-friendly materials rather than oil-derived plastics. By integrating the decorative and molding expertise of our design department with natural materials such as biomass and pulp, we can offer design proposals that balance the functionality and beauty of materials while also having low environmental impacts.
Constructing a global supply chain to create a system that allows stable supply to anywhere in the world while still keeping down environmental pollution is one of Nissha’s strengths. We contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our designs.


Consumer Electronics casing / packaging, Medical casing / packaging, Cosmetics casing / packaging, Jars product