Injection Molded Pulp – Achieving Precision, Thinness, and Rigidity

  • Environmentally friendly injection molded products made from pulp and starch
  • Extensive design freedom in shape achieved through molding process – Feasible boss, rib, and flange shape
  • Precise, thin and rigid material property
  • Premium paper texture
  • Recyclable as paper*

*Depending on the regulations and guidelines of each country or region.


  1. Specialized pellets made from pulp and starch as the main ingredient.
  2. The process involves mixing pellets with water and injecting the mixture into the mold.
  3. The mixture is heated to remove moisture in the mold.
  4. After molding, the products are trimmed to remove excess material and eliminate any burrs.

Key Features

Thin and high rigidity
Despite being thin with a thickness of around 1mm, it possesses strength equivalent to that of plastic, providing protection for the product against impacts during transportation.
Premium paper texture
The surface has a texture reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper, exhibiting minimal paper dust and a clean look.
Extensive design freedom in shape
Equivalent moldability to injection molded plastic, allowing for functional and versatile designs with the addition of ribs and flanges.


  • Pharmaceutical Self injector tray

    Self injector tray

  • Ampule tray



Max. parts size(mm) 300 × 300 × 50
Parts thickness(mm) 0.6 〜 1.0
Minimum radius(mm) 0.5
Typical production volume(annually)(pcs) 200,000 〜

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Kyoto, Japan