Towards a sustainable future free from plastic waste with materials that combine beauty and functionality.

Sulapac® is a composite material of different-sized wood chips and plant-based binder sourced from sustainably managed forests. Sulapac® is used as a standard plastic resin by an injection molding process that biodegrades without leaving any permanent microplastics behind. Its visible wooden particles give containers a natural and premium look.
Nissha established a strategic global partnership with Sulapac Oy, producing and selling various molded products through Nissha’s manufacturing facilities

Key Features

Bio-based Material
Bio-based Material
Sulapac® is made from wood chip and plant-based binders. It’s 100% bio-based material. Wood chip is sourced from sustainably managed forests.
A Nature-Inspired Premium Design
A Nature-Inspired Premium Design
Its wood chip textures and ceramic-like hard feel makes your products natural, premium and luxurious. A variety of color variations available.
Industrial Compostable, Biodegradable
Industrial Compostable, Biodegradable
By using bio-based materials, Sulapac® can be industrial composted or biodegradable without leaving microplastic behind. It’s BPI certified and EN13432 compatible.
Food Safety Contact
Sulapac® complies with food safety contact standards and can be used for food and cosmetics containers.


  • Cosmetics
    Shea butter case

  • Cosmetics
    Makeup compact

  • Supplement container

Standard Containers

Nissha offers the following standard containers made by Sulapac® materials and can supply them starting from a minimum order quantity of 2,500 pieces.
Additionally, Nissha has an in-house tool shop and can create customized designs in various shapes.


φ30.6 × D 24.5


φ39 × D 20.8


φ65.5 × D 34.1


φ64.9 × D 39.5


φ66.2 × D 62.2


φ73 × D 75.6


Coloring options
Coloring options
In addition to the standard natural (brown) color, 8 different color variations are offered.
Different Textures of Wood Chip
Different Textures of Wood Chip
There are different types of materials based on the size of contained wood chips.
Universal: By using fine wood chips, it creates a calm and beautiful appearance.
Premium: Made from coarse wood chips, it provides a more natural wood texture and feel.
Water Resistance
Water Resistance
The 60ml standard container is manufactured using insert molding of Sulapac® barrier that is water-resistant, allowing it to be suitable for higher moisture formula. Despite its water resistance, the container is made by 98% of bio-based material, making it biodegradable.