Features of ecosense molding

A new sustainable molding product
realizing a plastic-free world

To achieve the realization of a decarbonized society, ecosense molding combines environmentally friendly materials with Nissha’s diverse molding technologies, aiming for the reduction of plastic usage in packages and products where plastic is commonly employed.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Materials
    It uses environmentally friendly materials that are “plant-derived,” “recyclable,” and “biodegradable,” contributing to the reduction of plastic.
    Materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests, plant-derived sources, recycled paper, residues, etc. Recycling is possible, and it is a feature that leaves no microplastics behind as it decomposes.
    Environmentally Friendly Materials
  2. Diverse Molding Technologies
    ecosense molding utilizes a variety of molding technologies such as injection molding, foam molding, and press molding to meet diverse customer needs and applications related to product design, texture, and physical properties.
    Diverse Molding Technologies
  3. From Design to Mass production
    From engineering study in the design phase to prototyping and mass production at various global locations, ecosense molding provides full support for your product development. ecosense molding employs mold-based processes for all, making it crucial to translate customer needs into tooling and process designs. Whether replacing existing products or introducing new ones, even customers without prior experience in mold-based manufacturing can confidently consider ecosense molding.
    The flow of product completion can be found here.
    From Design to Mass production
  4. Global Production Capability
    We aim to establish a supply chain that is locally production and consumption, suitable for customer delivery destinations internationally. Nissha Sustainable Technology Center in Japan, our development and prototype base, we have built a supply chain in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Production locations vary depending on the method, so please inquire for details.
    Global Production Capability

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