Integrated support from design to mass production.

Because each method of ecosense molding uses molds, it is important to incorporate the customer’s needs into a design suited to each method.
Nissha provides customers with consistent support for environmental friendliness, from design to prototyping, evaluation, and mass production. Therefore, even customers who have no experience in manufacturing using molds can consider our services with confidence, from replacing existing products to designing new products.

  1. Design
    We discuss the customer’s product image, required specifications, and other details for consideration, and propose the optimum method of production.
    If the customer already has the geometry data, such as when switching from an existing product, we will modify the geometry in consideration of reproducibility, such as different geometries and thicknesses for each construction method. If you are considering a design in the future, our designers will propose a geometry that is suited to your application based on the characteristics of the construction method.
  2. Prototype mold
    Based on the design data created in the “1. Design” process, we create a small quantity of prototypes and evaluate their appearance, dimensions, and functionality. For both methods, a small mold is used at this stage to finalize the specifications to be reflected in the mass production mold. Although it varies depending on the product geometry and other factors. Please contact us for details.
    *On request, we can check the geometry of a 3D printer modeled product prior to the fabrication of a prototype mold.
    Prototype mold
  3. Mass production mold
    We will fabricate a mass production mold reflecting the knowledge gained from the “2. prototype mold” to determine the final product specifications.
    We also make final adjustments to the delivery form, logistics, and other conditions for mass production. If the delivery destination is overseas, Nissha’s global bases can be utilized for support.Please contact us for details.

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