Mature fiber technology with beautiful, luxurious smooth texture

  • Various surface finishes – ranging from smooth and luxurious to a rough texture reminiscent of paper.
  • Precise accuracy of fit ensures a snug fit between the body and lid.
  • Mold technology with minimal draft angles.
  • Available in both wet and dry press process.

Process( wet mold )

  • Pulp is mixed with water.
  • Pulp is applied to a mesh-covered mold and formed.
  • A press mold is utilized to clamp the material from the top and bottom, while heat and pressure is applied to press it and remove moisture.
  • After molding, the products are trimmed to remove excess material.

Key Features

Smooth and luxurious surface texture
It features a smooth surface achieved through wet press process, providing a soft and gentle texture. It is suitable for products that require beauty and a sense of luxury.
The standard wall thickness is 0.7 to 1.5 mm and can be changed freely. This construction method works with lightweight and design-oriented designs.
Precise accuracy of fit
It allows for the design of steep draft angles and minimal taper, enabling precise fitting of the body and lid.
A wide variety of textures available
Coloring and engraving can be applied. The surface of molded products can be freely textured, to blend seamlessly with a wide range of products.


  • Food Display/package case

    Display/package case

  • Cosmetics Mascara blister

    Mascara blister

  • Cosmetics Soft lock packaging

    Soft Lock Box ®


Max. parts size(mm) 960 × 800 × 80
Parts thickness(mm) 0.7 ~ 5.0*
*Thick-wall parts is only available by dry process
Minimum radius(mm) 1.0 ~ 2.0
Typical production volume(annually)(pcs) 200,000 〜