Development Tips

UI panel integrated electrode/sensor

Nissha IME can achieve three dimensional and seamless design, which is difficult to achieve with a conventional lamination process, by applying film electrode on a curved surface.
Lighter and thinner products can be achieved and more design freedom is possible with back-side features such as ribs and bosses. Our process is double-sided IML molding with decorative film and sensor film.

UI panel integrated electrode/sensor UI panel integrated electrode/sensor
  • Cover panel with film electrode in one shot by insert molding
  • More design freedom with ribs and bosses.
  • Higher reliability without using adhesive
  • transparent / transluent window design with backlighting
  • Simpler structure and process

Material Insert

Using real material* for decoration on plastic molded parts, you can add natural warmness and a sense of luxury.
It keeps material specific tactile feeling, and you can also add back-lighting and touch sensing functions.

Material Insert
Material Insert

*Real material

Thin wood, fabric, synthetic leather.
Keep the authentic quality of real materials – NISSHA Material Insert is insert molding with real materials, not printed matter.

*Real material

Stretchable material Non – Stretchable material
・Synthetic leather
・Real wood
・Stone sheet
・Carbon fiber


Elastomer button

With a seamless look cover and soft touch switch, users can enjoy comfortable push buttons.
A range of graphic designs are possible – including back-lit effects.

Elastomer button
  • Seamless look
  • Tactile feeling, comfortable push switch
  • Variety of graphic designs such as back-lit effects
  • Scratch resistance makes printed icon / text hard to peel-off
  • Without a groove, no dust catches with this seamless design

Conventional Design Issue



  • lack of design integration among components
  • Dust caught in groove around switch
  • peel-off of printed icon/text during use



Radar Cover

Cover panel with radar sensor essential to ADAS and autonomus drive system.
Nissha IME technology can integrate cover panel decoration and heater function.
Excellent radar transmission property and heating function ensures safe driving.

Radar Cover
  • Decoration for cover panel and heater function are integrated.
  • Excellent radar transmission
  • Heating function to remove frost, ice and snow
  • Multi color printing and emboss expression
  • Surface durability by surface hard coat



About co-development

NISSHA has in-house CMF designers. With full knowledge of Nissha’s technology, production cost and productivity, they can offer the most appropriate designs from the concept stage.


Please feel free to contact us.