What kind of resin can be used for molding?

General resins such as ABS, PMMA, PC, PC / ABS can be used.
Colored resin and transparent resin are also available.

What kind of metal materials can be used for electrodes?

Mainly Ag paste and Cu.
Please contact us if you have any requests for metal types.

What kind of material for the base film of the electrode?

PET, PC, PI, etc.
Use a base material that matches the metal of the electrode and the shape of the molding.

What is the available size?

It should be about 10mm to 800mm.
Please contact us for your desired size.

Is it possible to mount electric parts?

It’s possible.

Can double-sided electrodes be applied?

It’s possible. It can be supported by FPC insert.

Is it possible to apply transparent resin?

It’s possible.


Please feel free to contact us.