Tactile + Cap Touch Switch

The switch has two actions, “touch” and “push”

Combining a capacitive touch sensor and a tactile switch with a click feeling,
provides a new user interface that takes advantage of each.
It is a new proposal from NISSHA for the ever-evolving UI.

What is a tactile switch?

A tactile switch is operated by pushing the button part.
You can feel a click feeling when you push.
It is used as an operation switch for various electronic devices.
It is called tactile switch, TACT Switch※ or tactile push switch.
(※TACT Switch is the registered trademarks of ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD.)

Give feedback to users when you touch the button!
Plus one action before pressing.

The capacitive sensor is integrated by insert molding inside the cover part of the tactile switch.
The capacitive sensor detects when your finger touches the button.
It is a new interface that gives the user feedback before pressing the button.
You can choose various ways to provide feedback, such as light, sound, vibration, and screen display.

(Example of use)

・When there are multiple buttons, touch the button to play the voice guide.
・Reduces glare by turning off the display until you touch it, such as in a car at night.

Feedback can give users information and alerts.
It realizes a more convenient and secure UI for preventing malfunctions due to incorrect button presses and for operations without looking at the buttons.

(Use scene)

  • For feedback and alerting during operations when you cannot see your hands
  • For New input method with two-step, “touch” and “push”
    Ex.)Touch:Operation support such as explanation →  Push:Decision
  • To prevent malfunction due to two-step input

Demo video of prototype

In this prototype, when you touch the button,
the color of the light of the icon changes and you can feel the vibration.

Realize the ideal UI by combining with various materials and LEDs

Comfortable buttons made of soft material

Can be combined with light transmission

Prototype is ready

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Product configuration image

We provide a button cap with an capacitive sensor inserted on the back side.
By combining this product with a mechanical switch such as a tactile switch,
you can add a feedback function using the capasitive sensor.

Product application image※simplified


Install cap sensor on small button

We have prototype results of button caps with an internal diameter of 9mm.

IME technology without adhesives is resistant to vibration and environmental load.

No additional process is required to install the capacitive sensor.

The capasitive sensor is inserted at the same time as the button cap is molded, so there is no additional process.


For in-vehicle switches such as around the steering wheel

For in-vehicle switches such as around the steering wheel

It realizes a safe and secure interface that allows the driver to operate the vehicle without looking at hand.
It often happens that you look away from the front when you try to press a button to operate the car.
However, this development product enables voice and screen feedback when the driver touches the switch, so the driver can confirm the button wants to press without looking at hand.

For various UIs such as games and home appliances

For various UIs such as games and home appliances

Since you can input in two steps, “touch” and “press” the button, you can perform new operations like never before.
For example, it is possible to support operations such as displaying an explanation to the user by touching a button in home appliances.
Entertainment such as game controllers can also contribute to the realization of new input operations.

For prevention of malfunction of industrial equipment

For prevention of malfunction of industrial equipment

In equipment that requires accurate operation, such as industrial equipment, in some cases, a mistake in pressing a button can cause a serious accident.
This developed product can help prevent such erroneous operations.
You can give user feedback before pressing a button to alert them and make them more secure.


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