NISSHA Challenge for the production of difficult film devices

NISSHA is challenging what it thinks it can’t

Roll-to-roll processing for handling ultra-thin COP films with a thickness of 55um or less and breaking with only slight scratche., Cutting technology for crack-free singulation of products from roll films. A photo-etching process that highly precisely patterns fine lines with a width of only 10 μm on plastic film substrates that easily expand and contract with heat. NISSHA has been challenging the development of film processing technology that was generally thought to be impossible.
Utilizing the know-how cultivated so far, from material selection to module processing, we will contribute to the production of film devices that meet customer needs.

Features of film devices

  • Base film
    resin Type: PET, COP, PC, etc. PI
    film thickness: 100μm or less

  • Circuit material
    For etching process: Thin metal (Cu, Ni, Cr, etc.), Transparent conductive oxide (ITO)
    For screen printing: Ag paste, carbon paste, organic conductive material,
    etc .: Compatible with special materials such as Ag nanowires

  • Photosensitive resin
    Processing of insulating film, black matrix, formation of well walls (recesses), etc.
    Formation of functional and structural patterns using photosensitive materials

  • Patterning accuracy
    Etching process: Line / Space = 10 / 10μm
    Screen printing: Line / Space = 50 / 50μm

  • Processing size
    up to 500 x 1,000mm

From development prototypes to mass production

NISSHA challenge new development projects

From material selection to circuit pattern design and module configuration,
development and prototyping are possible.


Mass production by roll-to-roll method

We have an advantage in mass production using roll film of 500mm width.
We can handle from patterning to singulation and module production.


Please send your “I hope you can”

  • I want to make transparent electronic components
  • I want to make an electronic circuit into a curved housing
  • I want to make the display frame as narrow as possible
  • I want to make the device as thin and light as possible
  • I want to enable efficient mass production in millions

Please send us your wishes, such as

Consideration support

We support your consideration through various communications.


– We will contact you quickly by e-mail, telephone, Skype.
– We will prepare samples and data according to the contents and visit.

* Please note that it may not be possible to respond depending on conditions such as remote locations.

Information for Nissha Gallery (showroom)

The Nissha Gallery at the Kyoto headquarters offers a wide range of products.
Please feel free to apply for a tour.

* We do not open to the public.

Inquiries about film devices

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations on film devices, including consultation on development, trial production, mass production consignment, etc.