What is happening at the contact interface

Real-time mapping of friction and shear force

Three-axis force sensor arranged precisely on the seat

This is a planar sensor sheet that can measure friction and shear force simultaneously at multiple points in real time.
Until now, in order to know the in-plane distribution of frictional force, it was necessary to arrange multiple single-point 3-axis force sensors on the contact surface for measurement.
NISSHA has developed a sensor sheet that can map the distribution of frictional force with only 3 mm pitch by arranging force sensors based on film in a matrix. This is a completely new sensor that can measure not only pressure but also horizontal stress change in real time by sensing the deformation of the elastic film.


Flat sensor sheet

Since it uses a film base and has a very thin structure, it can be installed flat on floors and roads.
Since there is no difference in height between the installation surface and the sensor seat surface, it is possible to smoothly analyze running with tire, walking motion, fluid movement, etc..

Precise sensor matrix

The sensors are arranged in a matrix at approximately 3mm intervals.
The frictional force is measured by disassembling it in the X and Y axes.
You can finely map the distribution of frictional force applied to structures such as tires and shoe soles.


Tire contact surface analysis

You can visualize the distribution of frictional force on the tire contact surface.
It maps in real time the static state, low-speed passage, and the change in frictional force due to the twist of the tire when turning the steering wheel.

Analysis of frictional force on the bottom of shoes

Map the direction and strength of the frictional force on the sole structure.
When walking or running, you can observe how the direction and strength of the frictional force changes as the contact surface changes from the heel to the toe.
It can be used in sports and healthcare, such as in the development of shoes.

Other Use Cases


Analysis of tactile sensation and friction of cloth, leather, etc. such as beds, chairs, and clothes


Flow analysis of water, mud, oil, cement, etc.

Inquiries about film devices

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