Real-time measurement of 3-axis force sense (pressure and friction)

Friction / shear force sensor

Customized development according to the purpose from
embedded sensor to measuring device

thin film device

As an embedded sensor in robots and products

As a user interface

As a friction force measuring device

3-axis force mapping by sheet sensor

NISSHA has developed a surface sensor that can measure friction and shear force in real time.
It reads the deformation of a flexible sheet sensor and maps the in-plane distribution of friction and shear forces.
We respond to requests such as “multiple points cannot be detected with conventional force sensors,” “we want to observe not only the pressure distribution, but also the distribution of frictional forces,” and “want to evaluate the tactile sensation felt by a human fingertip.”

Features of NISSHA friction / shear force sensor

Thin and flexible

Because it uses a film substrate, it has a very thin and flat structure.
The film is flexible and can be mounted on curved surfaces.

Simultaneous detection of pressure and friction at multiple points

The sensors are formed as a matrix on the film and can detect multiple points simultaneously. It can measure not only pressure but also in-plane distribution of frictional force.

From small sensors to large sensor arrays

From small single-point sensors to mat-type sensor sheets with an array of more than 5,000 points, we can develop sensors of the desired size.

Difference from previous force sensor

Number of detection points
1point Multiple points (matrix)
Conventional force sensor
Detection direction
1 axis
(Z axis)
Load cell

Load cell

In-plane distribution data cannot be acquired

Pressure sensor sheet

Pressure sensor sheet

Only in-plane distribution of pressure can be selected

3 axes

Thick metal sensor

3-axis force sensor

3-axis force sensor

Measurement of in-plane distribution of 3-axis force sense

Measurement of in-plane distribution of 3-axis force sense

Film type flexible

Film type flexible

NISSHA friction / shear force sensor

Proposal case

Robot / FA equipment

It can control not only gripping force but also pulling force and twisting force by mounting it on a robot hand used in manufacturing sites.

Contributes to automation of manufacturing technology, which has been regarded as a craftsman’s skill, such as -quantifying the finished state (slipperiness) of the polished surface in the polishing process
-confirming the completion of fitting in the connector connection process

User interface

It can be used to develop an unprecedented interface that allows you to input movements such as twisting, turning, shifting, etc. that could not be detected with conventional controllers with one fingertip.
Utilizing the features that can be bent, it can also be applied to curved surfaces such as cylinders.


Friction distribution measurement

Large-area sensor arrays can map the in-plane distribution of frictional force.
Suitable for product development and tribology research, such as analysis of tire structure behavior and analysis of frictional force applied to the sole of shoes.


Seat control for beds and wheelchairs

By mounting it on the bed or wheelchair seat, it is possible to acquire not only the pressure distribution measurement but also data such as the rubbing of clothes and sheets and the direction in which the skin is pulled.

Seat control for beds and wheelchairs

Fitting of prosthesis

By attaching a film-type sensor to the prosthesis socket, it is possible to check the state of the contact surface of the prosthesis with numerical data.

Fitting of prosthesis

Fluid behavior analysis

It can be used for real-time measurement of the flow of a fluid.
It can be used to verify flow analysis data in the flowability of water, sludge, cement, etc., and in wind tunnel experiments during the development of aircraft, automobiles, etc.

Fluid behavior analysis

This product is under development.
Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration.

This product is under development.

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