Material Selection that suits the customer's requirements

Functional materials

We have a wealth of knowledge on pasting, crimping, and patterning of special materials to add various functions required for devices.

High permeability insulation / surface protection processing

Laminate and pattern a transparent insulating film to protect the wiring pattern. By controlling the refractive index of the transparent insulating film, the high transparency of the ITO pattern is not impaired.

Laminating with transparent adhesive

In laminating transparent films, we optimize the transparent adhesive and processing conditions so as not to impair optical properties such as transparency and low refractive index.

Black insulation film processing

The wiring mask pattern, which was conventionally formed by printing on a glass panel, is formed on the wiring pattern using a photosensitive insulating film. By improving the masking position accuracy, it is possible to design a large transparent area.
It is used for narrowing the frame around the display.

Black insulation film processing

Anisotropic conductive bonding

The lead wire and the FPC are bonded using an anisotropic conductive adhesive. Anisotropic conductive adhesive is a material that conducts electricity only in a specific direction. The wiring on the film and the wiring on the FPC are connected one-to-one.


Conductive patterning material

For photo etching


It is a transparent conductive film formed by sputtering an indium tin oxide semiconductor. High transparency with total light transmittance of 90% or more.
Sheet resistance value: 70 to 100Ω /□


Low-resistance conductive material suitable for current collection wiring of semiconductor devices and sensors. Our photo etching process specializes in 100 to 250nm thick Cu thin films.
Volume resistivity 2.5μΩ/cm

For screen printing

Ag paste

Wiring material commonly used in screen printing. Materials are selected according to customer requirements such as resistance value, line width, and flexibility.

Special conductive material

Ag nanowire ink

A material in which a nano-sized ultrafine fibrous silver filler is filled in a transparent resin. Since the filler cannot be seen, a transparent conductive film is formed. Compared with ITO, it has excellent flexibility and electrical characteristics.

Application example

Flexible display, touch panel, solar cell, etc.

Carbon pressure sensitive ink

Ink used for resistance film type pressure sensor. The printing surface forms a fine rough surface.
The pressure is detected from the change in resistance that occurs according to the change in the contact area of the upper and lower electrodes due to pressing.


Base film

(cycloolefin polymer)

It is a very transparent film material with excellent optical properties. There is no rainbow reflection due to light refraction.

Application example

Displays, windows, optical analyzers, etc.


A transparent material used as a general-purpose base film. Excellent heat resistance, break resistance, chemical resistance, etc.


We will select materials according to customer requirements, such as PC, PEN and PI.

Consideration support

We support your consideration through various communications.


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Inquiries about film devices

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