Example of contract development of film device

NISSHA contributes to the development and production of film devices for customers.
Our photo-etching process enables simultaneous fine line patterning on both sides. By patterning material films such as ITO and Cu on both sides of the film with high precision, it is possible to produce thinner, lighter, and flexible devices.
It also supports patterning using special conductive materials such as Ag nanowire ink and carbon paste, and also supports the development of electronic components with functions such as transparent wiring, stretchable, and force sensing.
Please use NISSHA technology to develop thin film devices formed on transparent films that are neither glass nor printed circuit boards.

Product development examples

Transparent device

Patternable on
both sides of transparent film / (transparent conductive pattern + lead-out wiring) film.
Lamination of multiple film devices is possible.

Application examples

Transparent antenna, transparent heater, touch panel, electromagnetic wave shield,
bio equipment: dielectrophoretic electrode, electrowetting electrode,
display, LED lighting, solar cell electrode, fingerprint authentication device

Special metal thin film element

Patterning of thin films according to applications such as Cr and Ni

Application examples

Biochemical sensors, medical device electrodes, strain sensors, temperature sensors

Large area devices

Arrange desired elements at arbitrary positions with a mask size of 500 x 500 mm

Application examples

Combination of sensor array sheet such as strain gauge, temperature sensor, contact sensor,
functional electrode, sensor, etc. (heater + temperature sensor / dielectrophoretic electrode, etc.)

Resistive sensor

Material selection according to application, such as ITO, Ag, carbon electrode

Application examples

Pressure sensor, touch panel

Consideration support

We support your consideration through various communications.


– We will contact you quickly by e-mail, telephone, Skype.
– We will prepare samples and data according to the contents and visit.

* Please note that it may not be possible to respond depending on conditions such as remote locations.

Information for Nissha Gallery (showroom)

The Nissha Gallery at the Kyoto headquarters offers a wide range of products.
Please feel free to apply for a tour.

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Inquiries about film devices

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations on film devices, including consultation on development, trial production, mass production consignment, etc.