This sheet gives the robot's hand a tactile sensation

Film type 3-axis force sensor

Thin, light, bendable tactile sensor

A 3-axis force sensor that detects pressing force (pressure) and sliding force (frictional force).
Since a thin and flexible film with a thickness of 1 mm or less is used for the base material,
it can be mounted on the surface of the finger of the robot hand without discomfort.


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Numerical value of friction force

It can quantitatively measure the direction and strength of the frictional force (lateral sliding force) applied to the sensor surface.
By mounting it on the finger or palm of the robot hand, it is possible to measure not only the force of gripping the gripped object, but also the magnitude of movement such as “twisting”, “pushing”, and “pulling”.

Bendable film sensor

Flexible bendable film sensors can be easily mounted on curved surfaces.
In addition, by forming an array sensor that supports multipoint simultaneous detection, detailed data on the pressure and frictional force applied to the robot hand can be obtained.

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Customize the size according to the product to be mounted

Customize the size according to your requirements.
The thickness of the film is less than 1 mm, and it can be mounted by sticking it on the fingertip of the robot.

It can be used for measuring such movements


Measurement of insertion operation of mating parts such as plugs and connectors.
Measures the frictional force when the finger of the robot hand slides sideways when the inserted part is inserted to the deepest part.


Polish, wipe

Measurement of the finished state in the polishing process.
Measure the sliding force of the abrasive and calculate the roughness of the polished surface.



Measurement of tensile strength of joints and joints.
The tensile strength is measured by grasping with a robot hand and measuring finger slip.


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