NISSHA etching process

High-definition patterning of thin films of ITO, Cu, Ni, etc.

Electrodes and wiring patterns are processed by a roll-to-roll etching process.
Our strength is that we have two processes, photolithography and screen resist, and can process with high precision

Photo etching process

Standard specifications

Film forming material Various metals such as ITO, Cu, Ni and their alloys
Base film COP (ITO / Cu), PET (ITO, Cu alloy, etc.)
Mask size 500×500㎜
Processing accuracy Line/Space =10/10µm

Please consult us about the patterning and post-processing of other materials from the inquiry form.

ITO / Cu thin film patterning

High-precision wiring processing with Line / Space = 10 / 10µm, double-sided processing, and large area are available.

Photo etching processing flow

Double-sided patterning

It can be processed on both sides of the film, not just one side. Alignment with an accuracy of 10um or less is achieved.

Handling large areas

Supports large area patterning with a mask size of up to 500 x 1,000mm
It responds to a wide range of needs such as multi-cavity for mass production and production of large modules.

Cu alloy thin film patterning

We can also pattern copper alloy thin films used for strain gauges.

Raw material
Cu alloy thin film (t = 100-200nm) / Base film (PET)
mask size 500 × 500㎜
Post-process such as insulation coating processing and individual cutting is also possible.

Screen resist etching process

We have a process for resist processing by screen printing.

Since no photomask is required, low-cost production is possible.

Standard specifications

Film forming material ITO
Base film PET
Screen size 500×500㎜
Processing accuracy Line/Space =50/50µm

Please consult us on the inquiry form for patterning and post-processing of other materials.

Process of resist processing by screen printing

Respond customer’s various processing needs

  • Transparent film heater
  • Film antenna (transparent, mesh)
  • Capacitive touch sensor: High precision patterning of touch sensor and frame wiring
  • Large-area panel sensor array: Sensor patterns are arranged at arbitrary positions. Pressure sensor, temperature sensor, etc.
  • LED lighting electrode

Inquiries about film devices

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations on film devices, including consultation on development, trial production, mass production consignment, etc.